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I just put a dab of my IT CC Cream into the dab of my CeraVe Daily moisture lotion when I want a tinted moisturizer! 

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There are a lot of tinted moisturizers available.  Some with spf, some without.


IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow spf 40

Laura Geller Better Than Bare Tinted Moisturizer spf 50

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue spf 30

Wet n Wild has one but don't remember if it has spf 


Also, Google tinted moisturizer and there will be lots of info about them.



The Wet n Wild Bare Focus Hydrator does not have SPF.  It's less than $6 and performs way above its price point though.  I'd put it up against Estee Lauder Furturist, which I also use and enjoy, any day.

I second the recommendation for the Wet n Wild Bare Focus Hydrator. It's the only liquid product I use on my face because I tend to prefer powder foundation but this product is excellent. 

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I've only used one tinted moisturizer and it's the Sephora brand.  I like it just fine.  I think it was $14 and will be 30% off during the sale.

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MakeupAlley dot com is a very helpful place to find reviews for a lot of cosmetics. They have a very user-friendly search engine so it's fairly easy to find stuff over there.



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MakeupAlley dot com is a very helpful place


That's a blast from the past.  I wonder if my user name is still valid.  

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@Acf11 - I'm a fan of Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue too, but my new favorite is Ilia's Super Serum SPF 40.  Smiley Happy