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Re: This 80-Year-Old Woman Is Beautiful in My Book

She is lovely!  She uses a presciption night cream from her doctor, which is probably Retin-A. and uses a sun block. Smart lady.


Her style is another significant factor. She has Style!


Over thirty years ago, I was having lunch at the Harvard Club in Cambridge. I went to the restroom and as i was washing my hands I saw an older lady,  very similar to the one in the article, with great skin and beautifully styled hair and elegantly dressed. She was stunning! I was in  my 30's then, and I was so impressed by her, that I have hoped that I will age like that!  My mother was like that. Even in her 90's, her hair was neatly coiffed and she always dressed well and she had naturally great skin. She just washed and moisturized her skin with what ever I bought her...which was good stuff, but not crazy expensive. Style is an atitude about you see yourself and how you present yourself. It is worth paying attention to!

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Re: This 80-Year-Old Woman Is Beautiful in My Book

It is very much a contrast in lifestyle, income level, and attitude.  If you garden, work in a factory, are a forest ranger or a firefighter or police officer, than no, you probably won't look like this at 80.


If you go to the lake, attend sporting events, mountain bike, raise cattle, farm, or chase kids all day, no, you probably won't look like this no matter how much sun block you slather on.


If you farm, go to the lake or do other things like clean houses for a living, or have an active life, you probably won't dress like this either.


It's a fact that you probably will age and look like what you do for a living and do in your free time, where you live, what your genes are and how hard your life is. 


So think about when you see these things and admire these women for who they are, and don't be hard on yourself for who you are too!  Would you trade your history to look better?  I seriously doubt it!  Appreciate us all for the individuals we are.  Nothing wrong with admiring beauty!  Don't get me wrong!  Just remember there are many definitions of it and we are all beautiful in different ways!