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Re: They're Here...Straight from Vegas!

@Katcat1 wrote:

When I saw the headline I thought we were in for a treat of dancers!  Enjoy your lotion.  I have my favorite lotion too.

I thought the Chippendales were coming although I did see them in the early 80s at the Uptown in my city! lol

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Re: They're Here...Straight from Vegas!

@monicakm : ok, you convinced me to try it. I have one on the way from ebay, bought for $0.99 + shipping.

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Re: They're Here...Straight from Vegas!

Are these body lotions or a face moisturizer?  Whatever it is, I'm glad you were able to get what you like.


DH and I stayed in a hotel in Nashville in November and they had Bath & Body products.  Not a big deal.  But the scent they had was called Rainkissed Leaves and it was fabulous.  Back in the day, I used to wear Fresh Cut Grass and then it was discontinued.  It smelled nothing like fresh cut grass.  LOL  It just smelled clean and fresh.  I used to get compliments on it all the time.


Rainkissed Leaves smells exactly like fresh cut grass did.  However, it must have been discontinued as well because the only place I can find it is Amazon and E-bay.  I never used it in the hotel because I had brought all my own bath and body products but I scooped it into my suitcase day 1 so the next day, they refreshed it and I took that home with me as well.  LOL

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Re: They're Here...Straight from Vegas!

@queendiva  I hope you like it!  Like I mentioned earlier (or in another post) I feel like a lot of the draw to the fragrance has to do with the magical/gorgeous/glittery/over the top indulgent time we spent there.  I don't know what Vegas used to be like or maybe what it still is today in other Vegas locatios, but where we hung out, it was upscale and we never felt anything remotely icky.  

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Re: They're Here...Straight from Vegas!

@Lipstickdiva  Perhaps B&BW renamed the Fresh Cut Grass to be Rainkised Leaves. But then discontinued it.

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