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I had received a sample of Urban Decay Troublemaker. It contained visible fibers in the formula that I initially thought were eyelashes! I thought the product was used by someone else. It wasn't.


Troublemaker got eventually discontinued because of all the bad reviews-- product too long to dry on lashes, the fibers in the formula. The container was a holographic rainbow which was the only thing nice I could say about it. I think if they used the container for a LE Perversion, I might buy it. 

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It Cosmetics superhero mascara is the worst! Clumps, flakes and looks horrible on. 

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I am so sensitive to mascara and have yet to find one that I am totally in love with.  I think I have tried just about every kind and still have no real winners.  I have tried two Tarte ones and don't like those either.  Clearly I won't be trying Katy Perry's for sure.  Thanks for the heads up!

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@Karenk wrote:

It Cosmetics superhero mascara is the worst! Clumps, flakes and looks horrible on. 



I agree, it is bad.  I have tried twice with the Superhero.  I will not buy a kit that has it thrown into the mix.  I do love the iT Tightliner mascara though!  If I want really big lashes, I use Lancome Hypnose Drama on top of the Tightliner.


I also had terrible luck with Loreal Lash Paradise mascara.  

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I used to buy Mally's 6 pack so I'd never run out but lately it's just been terrible so I'm done with her.  Usually I love Mally's stuff -- don't like watching her but lover her products.


I just purchases Benefit Better than Sex Mascara....I'll let you know hahahaha

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@cyclegirl Better Than Sex Mascara is from TwoFaced - I do not care for that mascara at all.

Benefit offers a mascara called [something] They're Real which I DO like, both the formula and the brush; however, it is waterproof which I prefer not to wear on a daily basis but is great for an event!

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@fitfuninformed Thank you for the information.  You are right it is TooFaced I'm getting my brands mixed up.  I will look for the Benefit one next time I'm at the mall.  Finding the right mascara is crucial.  I don't like the waterproof either for everyday, I wear contacts and sometimes they flake.

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The Katy Perry Covergirl mascara is being discontinued in Canada and I've seen it marked down or in the clearance bins up here. Good to know that it's not a very good mascara.


I find mascaras so hit and miss as to whether I like them or not no matter what brand it is.

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Lancome Hypnose Drama...LOVE! but won't spend the money on it unless I'm going on vacation.  Loreal Telescopic is my every day go to mascara but right now I'm doing fake lashes and LOVING it!  Ardell Demi Whispies.  A pain to remove and clean them but the pay off is worth it!

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So I had my 26 yr old granddaughter give it a try. She said "eww, throw it back in the garbage can".