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The Sloan Series Ends This Friday

Did anyone follow/watch the Sloan Series? Sloan Glass worked for QVC as a beauty social media correspondent.  She’s on the Meet the Hosts Page after the new hosts.


Well, her last day with QVC is this Friday, Oct. 4.


I admit, I never watched her, but every once in a while I saw her on the Beauty channel, or during that beauty event in Philadelphia earlier this year, etc.  QVC’s Beauty iQ channel is on YouTube now, and apparently that’s where Sloane’s shows were.  

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Re: The Sloan Series Ends This Friday

I saw a few of her videos and wasn't very impressed. I couldn't even say why, exactly. Something just didn't click for me. I mostly watched in her early days and everything felt forced, so that might be why.


I think QVC was trying something new and had some ideas they had trouble executing on for success. They were trying to copy YouTuber makeup and lifestyle guru stuff and it just didn't work very well.


I liked the Makeup Mondays videos with Courtney much better, but they stopped doing those in May. That was a bummer.