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Of course I consulted Google and there is quite a bit of information on the best part based on face shape.  I never liked a center part on me and it not recommended.



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So many women in the sixties wore their hair parted in the middle.

Michelle Philips reflects on the Mamas & the Papas, 'Knots ...

Mine just seems to go any which way it wants every day!

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A middle part on a woman  of a certain age makes them look I have been taught.


I have never worn a middle part, it just doesn't look good on me. My part is on the right. Right now I need a haircut. My hair is waist length. I can zip it into my jeans. I haven't had a hair cut since the pandemic began.  

I normally wear a pixie or a Suze Orman style. 

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Look at Alanis Morrisette


See the source image


She has an oblong like me.  This is why I didn't like it.  She's gorgeous though.



See the source image

See the source image

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I wash my hair at night and blot it in a turbie twist thing for a little while.  I go to bed with it damp and it looks fine.  It looks like hair 1, but I have bangs.


During the night it decides if it wants a middle part, side part, swept right or left, or something more creative.  I look in the morning and see what we're doing for the day.   I don't look that different whatever it is doing, and my face shape is the same every day.  

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I think the REAL hair uniform is very long loose hair, be it yours or some you bought.  Every news reader, commentator, actress has very long hair.  Doesn't anyone wear short hair anymore?  All the young women in my family have very long hair, too. I'm not criticizing, just observing. 

I wore very long hair parted in the middle years ago. Now part is on the left, length medium short.

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My hair is coarse and frizzy.    I can't control I made it my TRADEMARK (!!)

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It's the current trend.  My DD wears hers parted in the middle.  It was also popular back in the 1970s when I was in high school.  If you were to look through my yearbook you would see that 90% of the girls all had their hair parted in the middle.


Back then I wore mine halfway down my arms, straight with no layers and parted in the middle.


Today I don't think it looks good on me anymore.  I wear a side parted bob.

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@ellaphant wrote:

Part down the middle is nothing new




No, it isn't ... and as far as "a trend that  no one is afraid to buck" .... means that everyone is bucking it?  Or maybe it's just that they all go to the same hairdresser.   IMO, it's hardly a uniform, though.

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Since letting my pixie grow out I now have the French Bob with my hair parted in the middle with bangs.  Since I have gotten older my hair changed drastically from wavy to curly from course to medium fine.  Rarily had bangs when young and never a middle part.  I really like it.

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