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Thank You for the Olive Oil Tip!

I don't know where I found the discussion about dry hair and using olive oil as a solution but I would like to send a huge thank you for the suggestion! I tried it on my hair - I put olive oil on for about 30 minutes then washed as usual and used a small amount of regular conditioner. My hair looks great! I then decided to try it on my 65+ year old legs that were suffering from too much sun exposure from a winter vacation. I had tried everything (Isomers, Isomers serum plus many moisturizers) and I was at the point of accepting the fact that I would look like an alligator forever! So I used about a teaspoon of olive oil immediately after showering (I did dry my legs first). All I can say is WOW! I have been using it for three days now and my skin looks fabulous! It is absorbed rapidly - I don't have any rub-off on clothes and the effects last. I usually applied moisturizers again before bed but have found I don't need to reapply with olive oil. I don't know whose suggestion this was but thank you so much for the great inexpensive idea that works!