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Tell Me About Keratin Treatments

Let me just state I'm not very good with my hair. I have a lob, about shoulder length angled longer in the front shorter in the back. I never can get that sleek look like my stylist does. I have been considering getting a Keratin treatment, thinking I will get the no frizz sleek look I want. My sister has had it, she said it lasts about 4 months, you need to use sulfate free shampoos. What I didn't like about it, it made her hair super straight and very flat. It is pricey and time consuming. Has anyone had this, did you like it? If you don't mind can you give me a ballpark figure how much it costs and how long it takes to have it done?

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Re: Tell Me About Keratin Treatments

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Since menopause, the texture of my hair has changed and I have one side and part of the back of my head that is very frizzy. My stylist for years used Keratin on the side (at no cost) so I could see how it would work with my hair. It does last for awhile, but it didn't last for 4 months for me. The problem I had with it was the very strong chemical odor when it was applied. I have trouble breathing strong chemical odors and hated every minute of the short application. Also, while it left the hair really straight, it was also really flat and difficult for me to create a bit of volume.


If chemical odors don't bother you, then it's probably worth a try at least once. I'm not sure about the cost, although I know it's somewhat expensive. I didn't like the application or the flat-hair results, so I didn't pursue it after that first test.

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Re: Tell Me About Keratin Treatments

I do keratin every May for years. I love it. My hair is so frizzy in the summer nothing works to get my hair frizz free.. There are a few different brands so I can't talk to what your stylist uses. I have to use a sulfate free shampoo and the last time I had it done she told me to use sulfate free and salt free shampoo. Yes it takes the body out of your hair along with the frizz, but my hair starts to pop back after about 2 weeks. The keratin treatment lasts close to 4 months for me, but I am sure everyone is different. 

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Re: Tell Me About Keratin Treatments

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@jordan2 Here's my experience with Keratin treatments....I have very straight hair.  It's fine but thick and is flat on top unless I do a lot to it by backcombing, adding Velcro rollers with lots of product for adding some volume.


However because my hair is fine, the ends can and often do go their own way when it's hot & humid.  Wind certainly doesn't help either.  So while I can style my hair in the morning on hot & humid days my hair looks different after an hour or so being out ...and not in a good way!


Enter my keratin treatments....

The cons:...makes my usually flat on top hair even flatter if that is possible.  It looks awful for several weeks after it's done.  My hair also has no body and just won't bend at all.


The pros...after a month or so of it starting to wear off my hair can look great!  It can look very sharp and a bit edgey.  I have gotten strangers come up to me and compliment my hair (on those good days) and it looks great after being on the beach!


Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to go that route again myself.  I wish I could get a very light version of it and plan to talk to my stylist when I go for a trim next week.


Cost...$200-$300 depending on the stylist that I used.


ETA:  My hair is an above the shoulder bob.

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Re: Tell Me About Keratin Treatments

I used to get AntiCurl, but they have fallen by the wayside, because Keratin doesn't last as long therefore brings in more money


have you looked into that, its basically reverse perm and it grows out doesn't wear out  

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Re: Tell Me About Keratin Treatments

I get a Keratin treatment every 8 weeks.  I cannot tell you the brand that my stylist uses, but there are two versions--the regular version, which is supposed to last 4 months, and the light version, which lasts 6-8 weeks.  The light version is $120, and it takes about 45 minutes to do.  You can wash your hair after 8 hours, which with the regular version, it is something like 3 days.  As my hair has gotten greyer and greyer, it is coarse and unruly.  With menopause, it has also gotten very straight on top and very wavy on the underneath layers.  And then you add in the humidity of summer, and I look like a brillo pad without a Keratin treatment.  A Keratin treatment makes my hair look all the same texture.

I have color-treated below the shoulder hair, and it is so nice to be able to just direct the air flow of my blow dryer straight down my hair and not have to do anything else to get a straight look.  Sometimes I use a round brush to get it a bit straighter.  If I want a sleeker look, it is easy to achieve with a flat iron, but I don't do that unless I'm going somewhere.

It's not cheap to have done unfortunately, but without it?  I would hate, hate, hate my hair, and it would be so unmanageable.  You do have to use sulfate- and salt-free shampoos.

I would suggest giving the light version a try, since it is cheaper to see how you like it.  If you don't, it will be out of your hair by 8 weeks easy.

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Re: Tell Me About Keratin Treatments

I have gotten kertain treatments in the past.  The process was tedious, stinky but it did leave my hair frizz free.  The last time asked my styist for one, she gave me a Brazilian Blowout which is similiar to a kertain treatment.  It was much easier to apply and smelled quite nice.  My hair still had bend and I could wear it curly if I wanted.  A Brazilian Blowout kit comes with shampoo and conditioner and is supposed to last at least 3 months but I got one in September of last year and just recently I have noticed that my frizz is out of control.  I will be getting my next one this September.