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I have had good results with the Super Smile products. I also purchased their sonic toothbrush. It works for me. It's the only brand that did because I have sensitivies to just about everything (including ingrediants in mouthwash, etc.) 

Have you tried Sensodyne? i think the sonic toothbrush is the key to having any product work best on your teeth. Good Luck

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I use the oral B spin brush with Colgate 3 shades whiter toothpaste and noticed a 2 shade difference. No sensitivity and the best whitening toothpaste I have ever used.

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for years I've used Plus White whitening gel. I have dental trays, but if you don't, buy the kit with the trays, then thereafter just the gel. available at most drug stores. 


I think the whole kit is around $8 and the gel alone under $7. they also make a toothpaste, but I just use Crest or Colgate Optic White (whatever Costco has on sale). 


eveyone, including my dentist, impressed with the results. no sensitivity and very easy/inexpensive. 


I too never impressed with the TSV. 

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@bonnie f  It doesn't taste like charcoal at all.  I have two and cinnamon, and they both taste just fine.  Just be careful when you spit into the's black!

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SuperSmile did nothing for me, I use either Colgate Optic White or Crest  3D White, good results.

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I get teeth cleaned at dentist office three times a year instead of 2. Each night, after I use toothpaste, I'll sprinkle baking soda on my brush and gently brush. A couple of times a week I make a paste out of baking soda by adding peroxide. I'm happy with the color of my teeth. Not bright as in my youth, but dentist mentioned my teeth look nice and clean. Had appointment today.  

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