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Tamara's Timeless Beauty....60 yrs. old and "up" on everything skincare related, Angie at Hot & Flashy...type in YouTube "skincare for (your age decade)" & many will come up. Your routine: I'd start Retin A at night (look for a retinol cream at drugstore, no RX needed, until you can get to a derm) & a Vit. C serum in the morning before moisturizer/spf right after cleanser. Serums go on first...skincare goes on in the order of thinnest to thickest allowing several minutes for each step to sink in/dry down.***At least 1/4 tsp. sunscreen for face, add another 1/4 tsp. for neck and chest (you'll thank me later when others have spotty, wrinkled chests). Consider Neutrogena HydroBoost SPF, my daily spf. It's not too expensive since you'll be using it every day. I wear my Vit. C and spf every morning even if not leaving the house. Harmful rays do come through the windows during the day while you're reading, watching TV, etc. Then you're covered getting the mail or running an errand w/o removing any moisturizers or makeup. 

Try to unwind and enjoy some time for your yourself. 

@Shanus Exactly what I needed!  Many thanks for providing me an EASY TO FOLLOW outline for which skincare products I need, how much and the order in which the products should be applied, perhaps the biggest reason I never pursued anything beyond cleanser and moisturizer. 

Geez!  I never thought about daily SPF as far as my neck and chest are concerned. So far, no spots or wrinkles in those areas, I'm starting the SPF on those areas today, I hope it's not too late!  After menopause, I began losing weight while still eating the same as I always had, like 20-25 lbs. With help from my doc and a nutritionist, I've stopped losing weight. I'm guessing this is due to the loss of weight, but the skin on my neck and chest, in particular, has become paper-thin. I've noticed other women my age and older with a wrinkled, crepey appearance to the neck and chest area and resigned myself to the notion my neck and chest would soon show the same appearance. Perhaps they will anyway, hopefully, religious use of neck and chest cream w/ SPF might slow the process down. 

Thank you a million times over for your generous and ever so patient time, knowledge, and compassion with my hot mess of a self. I'm determined to look at myself with much less of a critical eye and instead of focusing on myself as a "too little, too late" aging old woman, seeing myself as a work in progress. 

I'm looking forward to some YouTube binge-watching with Tamara and Angie. No better time than now for engaging in some educational entertainment.


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Re: Taupe, anyone?

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I just thought of another taupe palette: Dose of Colors Pretty Cool eyeshadow palette. You can get that palette from Dose of Colors directly or from Ulta.



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Check out Tarte, they have a couple pallets that have a lot taupe-y shades, the Bloom palettes especially.