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Last night, Qvc had the rice cleanser by Tatcha.  It was buy one get one free.  They said they were taking it would not be on QVC, for the rest of the year.  My question is does anyone know why it is being taken off QVC?  Does anyone use it and like it. ? Was wondering if it is irritating on skin.


Thank you for those who reply..

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@annieo  Are you talking about the rice enzyme powder?  Don't be mistaken into thinking it's all going away, it was just the set of two.  It seems there are those who like the line and those who don't.  Some have reported skin irritation, but I don't know which version they were using.  There's the classic, deep, and gentle to choose from.  I like using a rice enzyme powder but there are very good options out there that don't cost near as much at Tatcha's.  

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Do you mean the enzyme powder? That's not really a cleanser, that's an exfoliator for use after the oil cleanser.


Did they say it wasn't going to be sold at all or wasn't going to be presented again? They often stop presenting things on air that they still sell for years afterward.


Or if it was a Buy-One-Get-One was it a supersize where they only offer 2 for 1 once a year? They have a lot of supersize items they only offer once a year and when they're sold out or the month is over, they aren't available until next year. The super size Camelia Oil cleanser just sold out and won't be back until next year, I think. (Some do every 6 months, so it could be back in 6 months - I'm not sure.)

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Re: Tatcha cleanser

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Yes, the classic rice enzyme, buy-one-get-one, which they offered back in December and I got and like very much!


I almost thought of stocking up, because they said it would not be offered like that anytime soon. But I am still on my 1st jar, and so I didn't want to horde.


This is really meant to be a 2nd step after the oil cleanser that she was offering. I don't oil cleanse, (I oil condition) but I do use the rice enzyme as a 2nd step after my regular cleanser for the extra "polish."

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I love this cleanser.  I'm normally someone that switches around but I've been faithful to the rice powder for about 3 years. . .a record for me.  Just read that it's a favorite of Meghan Markle.  I feel very royal in my choice of cleanser

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I think just that offer of two for the price of one is leaving for now.  The product is not leaving QVC.  A lot of the lines like IT, Laura Geller, etc. have supersizes of some of their products that are only available once or twice a year.  Must be the same for  Tatcha.  I ordered and it's my first experience with Tatcha.

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Thank you for your responses, I don't know as much about ingrediants, I read about the PH levels being  high.  Just was making sure they are not offering it because of the levels.  This does get high reviews and I did order.