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Re: Tatcha $55 Lipstick

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@World Traveler 

No, unfortunately  I have not seen any Tatcha  lip liners sold separately on the Q. I can only suggest inquiring at their site. Currently, I do not see any individual liners there, but that could always change. I thought I'd seen individual liners available previously, but could be wrong.


Btw, my Tatcha lip liner is not a gel liner. It's a denser cream texture. If you prefer a gel type of product, an Ulta or Sephora may be the best bet for color matching ❤.

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WHY are the costs this high on lipsticks? I would not ever and have never paid this much!! Not worth it.

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Every woman deserves to treat herself to a fantastic lipstick. If spending $55, achieves the desired "look" then I will enable any woman to do so.


I tried buying a Tom Ford lipstick and was less than enamored by it, so I will be sticking to anything $37.50 or less...

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I don't know about $55 but I did pay over half that for the VERY prettiest case (and the lipstick in coral) I ever saw. It was from the Models Prefer line that use to be on Q but now on HSN as YBF. You can still find a few on ebay. It came in 2 colors both very pretty and it causes quite a stir when you pull it out. Everyone wants to see it. So pretty I don't know what I'll do when the lipstick is used up (refills?) but I do have backups. This one was worth the $.

Image result for Models Prefer Collectible Lipstick w/ Swarovski Crystal Elements

Image result for Models Prefer Collectible Lipstick w/ Swarovski Crystal Elements


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@rochelleS Thanks for the information. I will watch the Tatcha program next month, and if there is no lip liner, I will check out Ulta or Sephora. Probably selling lip liner by itself on QVC would not garner many sales. Perhaps that is why they had it in that set, which was quite nice. I know Laura Geller (or was it IT Cosmetics?) sell lip liner sets on occasion with around 3-5 in the set. So maybe Tatcha will do that too.

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@lousgirl~ for me, the "Really?" is not that they charge $55 for a lipstick, it's that some will pay $55 for a lipstick.    Different strokes for different folks.......

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I love Tatcha lipsticks.  The colors are soft and pretty and last even through my coffee on the drive to work.  I love the cases and when they release a new color, I purchase.  Everyone has their own special indulgences and this is one of mine.


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It does not last.


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Not going to happen... Far, far better things are calling for those fifty dollars...

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Tatcha website has 15% off.  Might help if anyone is on the fence about the purchase of the lipstick.