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I can't imagine a lipstick being worth $55.  If I had a lot of disposable income, I guess it would be a nice little splurge, but at the moment, it would have to be not only moisturizing, but lasts all day long, through meals, licking lips, etc. That's the only reason I could think of for justifying that much money. I can get just about any color I want/need between MAC, Lancome, Almay, Cargo, Mary Kay and the drugstore, 

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Re: Tatcha $55 Lipstick

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I am still on my quest to find a lipstick that doesn’t bleed and lasts more than an hour or two...since L’oreal discontinued the “ perfect” lipstick I had worn for several years, I have yet to find a replacement....but $55 is too much for me to try another one and have it fail. I can buy two of my old ones on eBay for that.