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Good day all,  

I do not usually post, but was wondering if any beauties out there know if any TSVs would be coming to HSN or QVC soon - I need to restock on stuff and I usually go to Sephora or the Mall.  But the prices were a bit out there for just the single items. 


Thank you ! 

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Re: Tarte or Too Faced soon?

@NYCMOM   Not sure about TSVs, etc., but I usually check the product's site. Most have had good sales. Good luck finding what you need. 


***Tarte show at 1AM Sunday morning.

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Re: Tarte or Too Faced soon?

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@NYCMOM Did you check the program guide. If, at midnight, it's a Tarte or Too Faced show then yes, it would be a TSV. If it's a beauty type show, check the full day's schedule. If there are several Tarte/Too Faced hours then most likely it is one of their TSV's.


If it is a TSV it will probably be cheaper than Sephora.