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Tales from a neophyte: I bought, I showered, I WEN!

Dear Fwends (friends of Wen):

After the great advice, i bought the Sweet Almond Mint as a starter and today I Wenned for the first time. I was nervous to try it on a weekday in case I over did it and had "too conditioned" hair and did not want to be at work all day with yucky hair.

My hair is below my shoulders, more curly than wavy, and I am super lazy with stying. I used 10 pumps in the shower, with one left in as a conditioner, and then used the styling creme afterward and let it dry naturally.So far, the curls look really nice, my hair feels pretty good (although I thought it might feel softer). As I have read, it takes a little time to find the perfect combo of amount of Wen, etc, but I am pleased with my first foray.

Thanks for the great community support and recommendations.

This might be a start of a dangerous habit, but I appreciate the Wen enablers!