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Hi,  I loved the Ojon jar that smelled like coffee, and the serum with the beads?? \

I still have a full jar, but have not used it.


I smell it all the time, guess I'm using it as potpourriCat LOL


Is there a Tweak'd which has that coffee smell? I have curly/wavy hair,  lots of it,  needs moisture, I wear it natural, or use Calista perfector, or get it blow dried- however I recently bought Dyson's Airwrap that I've once, and I like it so far.


But I really would like to try Tweak'd especially if there is a product like the coffee Ojon.





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I think Tweak'd has some of the overtones of Ojon----I can smell a difference too--I loved Ojon myself and have the brown balm still--used it on my sore. bald head when I was going thru chemo and as it grew out. Very smiliar but different too.