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I love Nick, but sadly, the NC products that I tried just didn't work for me.  

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@Shanus    Oh yes, and the high price reflects that special ingredient that is added.  lol

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I got an email from Nick's shop Friday that they are having BOGO (select items) and many products have sale prices on his website this weekend. The warehouse must be open for operation if they sent out a special promotional message enticing customers to order.  However, they do have a notice displayed on the website to allow additional time for orders to ship.  

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Loyalty ? In business? ... Nick C is yesterday ....... that is how the world turns. Its all about the flavor of month


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I miss his original shampoo and conditioner sets -  weren't they numbered? Number one and two.  I tried his newer products and they were never as good.

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@Shanus wrote:

@Effie54 wrote:

Hi Shanus! You know, I used to love Nick's products - especially his volumizing ones. But he puts soooo much scent in them that I can't use them anymore. I'm very sensitive to fragrance. I've written him to request unscented products. So I guess in essence, Nick's products aren't really clean beauty - too many additives?

@Effie54   You know, that's the only issue I had with his products, too. The fragrances were really strong. 

I know, right! LOVE his products, but on some of the last volumizing item (forgot exactly what it was), but I had to return it because the scent was sooooo strong. I wrote to ask them to make their items fragrance free. No one wants the stinky perfume smell. 

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I miss his shows,but shopping from his warehoiuse is cheaper than from Qvc. I like his products,expecially the Redo.

i am not sensitive to any scents, I prefer to use a product that smells good.

In my opinion, Nick's items don't have a strong fragrance at all. I must be the only one that thinks that way.

I also use Tweak as a pre-wash mask ,not as a shampoo.

I also love some Taya items.

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I was thinking the same thing but then Nick appeared on Dare to Share Beauty last night. He said he has been dealing with a cancer diagnosis over the past year but now has a clean bill of health. He no longer has the trademark! I think we will see more of Nick going forward.Yay!