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Re: TSV hair curler thingy

@Imaoldhippie   Nellie Olsen Smiley LOL

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Re: TSV hair curler thingy

I don't care for the straight end of the curl, but I guess it's possible to clamp the section of hair at the very end.  Also, does anyone know why this look is referred to as beachy?  At the beach, my naturally straight hair stays straight.  Just wondering.  


Seems like doing the back is tricky.  


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Re: TSV hair curler thingy

@Respectlife wrote:

For me?


NO!  Over the years, I have purchased a ton of irons from less to $$.


NONE have worked like the Beachwaver.  I have all three sizes and a backup.  I purchased it the very first time they were presented years ago, and it is still working like a champ.

I can go from tighter curls to loose beachy waves.


These have never damaged my hair like other brands.  My curls/waves last til I wash them out.  I am, clearly, a huge fan of this tool.

 Thanks for your review . I ordered two different sizes . Am going to give it a try . I'll probably have my Hubby help me . I usually go to the salon to have a beach wave blow out for special occassions.