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Re: TSV Calista Perfector Pro Grip

I wonder how this is different from the other Perfectors that were clearanced out? 


The Perfector never worked for me on just washed, first day hair.  I have thinner, fine and poker straight hair.  After I blow dried it, I couldn't get the Perfector to do anything for my hair.  If I held it for a long time, it would give a slight bend that ended up coming right back out of my hair.  On second day hair that had some product build-up, I would use it to smooth my fuzzy/frizzy ends.   


I bought a John Frieda hot air brush that can be used on wet hair.  That is much better for me but still doesn't do enough.  I will use it on the weekends if I'm hanging out and don't really need to do much to my hair.  The Revlon brush is way too big for my hair.


I do wish Maria would bring a woman out that has freshly washed hair that is poker straight, thin and fine and show how this Perfector works.  My guess is it doesn't.  Notice all they ever have is women with a lot of hair and it's already been done a million times.  They come on set with "done" hair.  I'm guessing for those with thicker hair, this is a Godsend. 

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Re: TSV Calista Perfector Pro Grip



I tried the Revlon when my hair was below my shoulder and in my opinion it was not at all user friendly, I found it very cumbersome to use and tangled my long hair. The barrel was huge and none of the Calista tools are that large

I now have a pixie cut and just ordered the smallest version of the Calista, which I think will be perfect to style the new cut I have



@Tigriss wrote:

I have the original Calista 1" and the swap top in 1" and 3/4".  They are ok for a slight curl to the hair, but not for curling or really straightening.  I too have ordered the Revlon One Step Volumizing Brush.  There are several knock-offs on Amazon on prime and regular shipping.  I found many videos on YouTube comparing this to the knock-offs and to the Dyson Air Wrap.  FYI, the Calista, Revlon, and Dyson are all different items through the Dyson and Revlon will work with damp hair while the Calista won't. The Dyson does do more than the Revlon but wowzers at the price.


Here is one of the knock-off video comparisons.


She has the shiniest hair.  She uses Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray if you want to know.  She has a travel size.  You can get the full size on Amazon for $19 or $29 on Ulta.


The below are more reviews of the Revlon that are all very helpful in your decision making. Below are demos and reviews on several hair types with the Revlon and a few comparing it to the Dyson.  She is so funny and very helpful. This one compares different airbrushes including the Revlon and Hot Shot Tools one (the same thing but purple instead of Revlon pink and only at Sally's Beauty for $79 in store)  This is a very real-life

use of the Revlon.  Another great example of really curly hair.  Good comparison of Dyson and Revlon. Good comparison with heat camera of Dyson and Revlon by the lady in the first two videos.  Good demo. Good demo.




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Re: TSV Calista Perfector Pro Grip

I keep going back and forth on purchasing this. I suppose if I really wanted it I would just take the plunge ( I don't want to buy it and have it sit in a drawer never used).

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Re: TSV Calista Perfector Pro Grip

I ordered the Calista this afternoon with 3/4" barrel. I plan on using it for 2nd and sometimes 3rd day hair when my frizzies are bad and I have no volume. I've tried the Revlon and hated it - my hair got so tangled that it wasn't worth it. Hopefully the Calista will work for me. We'll see!

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Re: TSV Calista Perfector Pro Grip

I have always had difficulty styling my own hair. It sounds silly, but I am a klutz with styling tools. Curling irons are a big no for me as I always burn myself or accidentally curl my hair in the wrong direction. That results in my hair having a crimped look to it. The Perfector has been the best styling tool I have ever used. For reference, I have shoulder length, slightly wavy, thick hair. The sides are layered and the back is one length. I am able to style my hair very easily with the Perfector. I have the original and a swap top version. 

In the TSV, I don't think the mini looks very useful. The barrel length is quite short. I wouldn't get much use out of it. The Perfector however, is a great styling tool, even for a styling challenged person like me!

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Re: TSV Calista Perfector Pro Grip

I watched for a few minutes when she was styling the silver hair woman. Her hair was short and it did nothing to her hair. It was styled before and the after looked the same. I was stung with her last new tool (triangle iron). My hair looked like I had put my finger in an electrical socket. I have short hair. I swore never again would I take another chance.