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TOVA I'm loving the newest royal velvet set

I am a long time Tova user and as many have stated have not been happy with previous attempts at bringing back the original. I just received my waitlist order since December. I am very pleased with the set. I feel the eau de perfume is very close to the original. I don't feel it is off by much. It doesn't seem to have the staying power on my skin but I find even if I can't smell it on me others do and continue to comment on it. I love the body creme and find if I layer it with the perfume I can smell it longer on myself. I still had my last jar of Tova body souffle original and feel the new body creme is identical. I wish Tova would come out with the big 5.5 oz. body souffle or creme so I can continue to layer. I will order again.