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The comments appear to be closed to this prior thread...Lyn said these are $60 on Amazon, but you can also find them all over Ebay right now. I paid less than $40 for mine with free shipping. (they don't have TIA's logo on them, though, but they ARE the same machine....I'm fairly new to the TIA site, but Marta comes across (to me) as someone who is only out for the money she can rake in from us. Maybe I'm wrong, I dunno. She already has a later/greater version out that will do ultrasonic and LED at the same time {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes} (which I have found that same latest/greatest machine on Ebay also but it ships from China so I'm not willing to buy that one.)

I have used the Ultra Renew twice (just got it a few days ago) and can't tell that it's doing anything yet.