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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You use Up This Week 3/23

Happy weekend beauties! I used up:


Shea Moisture 100% pure argan oil 1.6oz- I bought this over a year ago to try on my dry winter skin and I just don't care for oil on my face, it doesn't feel like it absorbs and I feel like it leaves my skin drier in the morning. Weird huh? I even tried mixing it with my moisturizer and I still didn't care for it. I ended up using it up mixed with my body lotion. Otherwise it was a great deal if you're an argan oil lover but not a repurchase for me.


BBW Twisted Peppermint body cream 8oz and also the matching body spray 8oz- this is one of the few scents from BBW that I still enjoy and I was surprised that I couldn't find any during the after Christmas semi-annual sale this year. I'm out now and will look for it next winter as I did like it. I have other scents to get me thru until then.


Have a great weekend everyone!