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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up this Week 10/27?


I used up:


- a White Rain shampoo, used as hand soap.

- a Pacifica body wash, 3 oz, in Tuscan Blood Orange scent.  May repurchase the larger size next year when it's warmer out, not sure.



I tossed:


- a bunch of eyeshadow samples.  Some of them were Avon and some were Coastal Scents.  I saved a couple of the ones I have the full size of and like, to use for travel, but the rest went in the garbage.

- a lilac-colored Avon eyeshadow.  This was a loose powder eyeshadow, and I don't reach for those much, but the color looked the jar.  On my eyes it looked like I had applied nothing at all, with or without a primer, dry or wet brush.  So out it went.

- a Victoria's Secret body splash from a bygone era.  

- an Avon body spray of similar vintage.



I hope everyone has a fun Halloween!!


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