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Re: TGIF Beauties What Did You Use Up This Week 6/30?

I used up a large bottle of Avon Moisture Therapy lotion (the bonus size).



I tossed:


-a star-shaped decanter of Avon's Perceive fragrance.  This was a retired scent they brought back for the holidays, and I'm not sure how many years old it was.  My mother gave it to me, and it smelled like it had turned.


-2 tiny little Bourjois eyebrow pencils (one lighter, one darker) that have been in my purse for touch-ups for a very long time.


-6 blush brushes.  These were little ones that came in blush compacts.  What was I saving them for?  I don't use them to apply blush.


-an old Avon eyeshadow quad.


-an old tube of Nair.  I'm not sure if Nair is still good after it's been sitting around for awhile, but I'm not about to find out.


-an Avon neck and chest cream that expired.  It had sunscreen in it, and I'm sure that's why there was an expiration date listed on the product.  I would've repurposed it, but the formula just didn't seem like it would be good on any other area of the body.  I really didn't care for it anyway.


-Avon eyeshadow primer.  I'm not sure if this was just old or if it has always been terrible and I just didn't realize it before.  Smiley Very Happy


-Avon Ideal Shade Custom Shade foundation.  This was another thing my mother gave me because she didn't want it.  It was one of those "self-adjusting" foundations that comes out of the tube white, but has little beads of pigment that burst when you rub it on your skin.  I tried it, and after I was done rubbing it on my face, I was still wondering when the magic was going to happen.


-an Avon Glazewear lip gloss.  I think the shade was "Rave."  It's not a shade I would wear anymore.  Too glittery.


-a tin of lipsticks I depotted and mixed.  It was old and the color doesn't look good on me anymore.


-the aforementioned old blush brush I was hoping to find a dupe for.  ::sob::



Thanks for your time.  Smiley Happy



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Re: TGIF Beauties What Did You Use Up This Week 6/30?

Happy 4th to all you Beauties,


This week I tossed some bare minerals lip glosses that were over two years old. I have plenty of lip products to use up.


Hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

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Re: TGIF Beauties What Did You Use Up This Week 6/30?



This week I used up two items:

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin.  I really liked this.  I have been plagued by a stubbern rash on half my chin for some time and I was looking for something gentle. CeraVe fit the bill. It removed makeup and my skin did not feel tight after using.  I will repurchase but want to use up some items in my stash first. Replaced with Burt's Bee cleanser.

Party Lite Bar Soap.  A friend gifted me a whole box of these lightly scented soaps someone had given her. I uses the bar in my upstairs washroom. Replaced with another from the box. 

Still working on my 64 oz Philosophy Lemon Custard Body Wash. Thought I was close to finishing it, but the darn thing keeps going and going.


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Re: TGIF Beauties What Did You Use Up This Week 6/30?

This week I used up-

 Tova signature fragrance spray 1.5 oz.  Replaced with more.

Gifted 2 packets of body lotion


Just did my yearly count of products used up- 70 products since last July.  This was a little less than last year.  I'm cutting back a little on bubble baths as my water bill has been so high.  I don't think I have decreased my stash much as I started buying again when the holidays started.  I resolve to be more disciplined this year.