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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 4/7?

Peter Thomas Roth peel pads.  Bought these to use before showering in the morning.  Forgot to use them most days no matter where I put the container to remind myself.  Finally check and all dried up.  Threw away.   That's it for me this week.  Thanks, everyone, for another great product discussion and have nice weekends.

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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 4/7?

Finally tossed the new company's version of Mally mascara...hated it.  Tried several major name brands and am now happily using Maybelline's Big Fat Colossal mascara...much cheaper, goes on nicely, no flaking, lasts all day.


Feel good about it: struck up a conversation while waiting in line at Ulta while on vacation in FL.  The other woman's brother had started out in celebrity makeup application with Jennifer Lopez years ago.  His comment:  Maybelline started the mascara line years ago and they still do it better than most.


So far, so good !

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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 4/7?

This week I used up-

 SCA Caviar and Champagne bath and shower gel 16oz, love this, one more in the stash


Threw out 2 old eyshadows from the stash

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Happy weekend beauties! I used up:   Kenra Moisturizing C...

Happy weekend beauties! I used up:


Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner 1L- I was looking for cruelty free haircare for my dry hair but this wasn't my favorite product. Unfortunately I prefer my Suave much better. I won't repurchase, but might try for another cruelty free conditioner in the future. Right now I'm using an Herbal Essences conditioner and I have lots of Suave in the stash to replace that with


BBW Twisted Peppermint body cream 8oz- this is one of my favorite BBW scents. I replaced it with another, I have 2 total in the stash and also have the body spray and a drop of shower gel left


Philosophy Ultimate Miracle worker eye 2ml sample- this was ok, I used it all over my face because it had spf 15 in it, it felt nice and moisturizing, but it didn't dry down well, wouldn't purchase full size


Tossed: Sephora Lingzhi sleeping mask 8ml- I used this once, it was big enough for several uses, but it left my skin feeling sticky and I can't stand products that I put on at bedtime that leave my skin feeling tacky. Would not purchase


That's it for me this week, have a great weekend everyone!



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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 4/7?

Happy Saturday Morning, Beauties! 


Mine is a two week list & there isn't a lot to show for that long. 


Used Up:


  • Borghese Fango Mud - Active - This was in a decorator container so I will see if I can reuse it for something. As much as I like the containers I have not been able to think of a good way to reuse them yet. Love this & was lucky enough to get some at a good price just before Borghese left Evine so I am using that now. 
  • Laura Geller MATTIFYING Oil Control Under Make-up Primer - Sample from Ulta - I was impressed with this so I purchased the regular size & am using that now. It does keep my combo/oily skin from shining. 



  • SKINN Dressed to the Nines 9 Color Collagen Boost Lipstick Compact - I don't care for lipstick palettes requiring a brush application so I never used this. I prefer my lipstick to be easy to pack in a purse and easy to apply.  
  • SKINN Make-up Palette - I could not find a name on this product but it has just about everything in it - eyeshadows, concealer, blush, foundation, etc. None of it was labeled & I had no idea what half of it was for. I don't care for this kind of palette & never used it. Both palettes tossed came as freebies with skincare products.  

Have a great weekend, Beauties!


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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 4/7?

Used up:

Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask - This came in a Beauty Heroes box, otherwise I would never have tried it for $60.  It was really nice and I enjoyed the quiet times I would do the mask.  I just received another mask in this month's Beauty Heroes box which I will start using.



Maybeliine Baby Lips Poppy Red - Got this in Japan.  My lips were so dry every time I used it so I finally gave up.  I've never tried Baby Lips in the USA so I thought I would try the Japanese version.  Not a fan.

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Re: TGIF Beauties! What Did You Use Up This Week 4/7?

I used up: a tube of my styling gel SHORT & SEXY HAIR; I opened another one and body wash  from  B&BW called A Thousand Wishes.  Will not rebuy that one as it was nothing special.