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@monicakm , good to hear you like the eye cream. 

I kept going back n forth, but honestly, I'd rather buy 1 if I can find it for around $35, maybe ebay.  I just don't feel like shelling out over $70, and shipping,  when I've never tried it...then what if I don't like it??

I'm so stuck on Shiseido, but no sales anywhere, I wanted something for meantime.  I like my eye creams, very rich, hydrating. 

Nevermind...I just ordered the duo....tired of shopping all over...hope I love it.🙃

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Lol.  Been there done that. I think you'll like it.

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Hi ladies, looking for a little help and advice. I purchased the duo of the rice powder to try out. This will be my first Tatcha product. I noticed a review that mentioned it was the second step for cleansing? Will this work on it's own, or do I have to purchase another product? Right now I cleanse morning and night with various cleansers (I tend to use different brands at different times) and a foreo luna. I understand the times I'm using Tatcha I shouldn't use the foreo, but do I need to also use a different cleanser...i.e. double cleanse? I don't wear any makeup at all and use retinol on and off. Thanks for any help in advance.
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I use the Tatcha Rice Powder in the morning and use it AS my cleanser with my Pop Sonic Spade.  In looking at the Tatcha website it does state that this cleanses the skin as well as exfoliate.  I've never felt the need to use a separate cleanser with it.


From the website.

"The Rice Polish gives your skin a new beginning through non-abrasive exfoliation and pure Japanese ingredients delivered in a cloud-like foam. Finely ground rice bran promotes natural skin turnover to instantly reveal a smooth, makeup-ready canvas. The pH neutral, amino acid base formula provides effective cleansing without stripping skin of essential moisture or breaking the skin’s barrier function..."


It does also state "For best results, follow the Double Cleanse ritual. Melt makeup away with The Camellia Cleansing Oil, then smooth and soften skin with The Rice Polish."


Since I use the double-cleanse method at night to remove my make-up, I don't have any to remove in my morning shower; therefore, I do not feel the need to double cleanse in the morning.


I think it boils down to personal preference.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Thank you!! This was super helpful.