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I have used Isomers serums for years and years, basically since Manuela first brought them to the shopping station.  I tend to rotate them.  Right now I am using the Vit C, Super Skin, and Matrixyl 3000.  I always use the Fast Lift Eye serum, now with the TATCHA eye cream.  My eyes were starting to get hooded, and that combo works very well.  I also use the enzyme exfoliating serum.  I let it dry, then use the rice powder.  I do this a couple of times a week.


I have found that the Isomers/TATCHA combo works very well for me at age 76.  I need very little product for both of these lines.

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Yes, the 3 I use are great! Tatcha's Camillia cleansing oil, Rice Powder exfoliator in Gentle & the Essence. All 3 lasts a long time because you need so little so for me its worth the cost. I have used the silk & indigo face cream, they are ok but for me not worth the price imo. I did save the jars & transfer my face cream in them. Pretty on my vanity (lol) Also like the gold spatula to & use it for application.

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I have several Isomers serums. I may get them out and incorporate into what ever I'm using.

Thanks Barbara. awesome that you have a system that is working for you.