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I have used his products when he was OJON, and they left my hair he has come out with this new line and wondered if anyone has tried it?? Todays Special is a 4 piece set for $50. I think I might try it was not horrible, the smell was odd and there was no shine.   ANYONE TRIED HIS NEW PRODUCTS?

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This is similar to the TSV that QVC had on a couple months ago.  I tried it and sent it back.  It does not moisturize very well.  I also purchased the shampoo and conditioner set and returned that also.  It doesn't have the same smell as the old Ojon.  I found it very drying to my hair.


I see that the clay scrub is in a tube now.  Mine came in a jar and was only half full when I received it. 


It wasn't for me.

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I purchased it on QVC and love it. It moisturized my dry hair and left it soft and shiny. I also love the smell even though it is different from Ojon. Very happy with this purchase. 

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I loved OJON but the new line, not so much. I find conditioner just weighs my stupid hair down so I don't use it from any line. I did fall for the hype when this was on as the TSV a few months ago--liked the scalp scrub but not the spray or the others so I sent it back too.

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I loved OJON! Tweaked I like because it's somewhat  natural and Wen doesn't work for me.  I have always purchased it from HSN never from QVC.  However it works for my hair and I enjoy the scent.   All you can do is try it and if it doesn't work send it back.  We all have differnt hair types.

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The only Tweak'd product I tried was the hairspray.  I bought it from HSN when it was BOGO.  I'm not impressed and won't buy it again.  Based on this I'm not inclined to try other products.

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I never tried Ojon, so I have no comparison.  But I tried the Tweak'd TSV here and returned it!  The cleanser wasn't bad at all, but it was more like a clarifying shampoo, leaving my hair squeaky clean.  Not what I wanted or expected.  I need much more moisturizing and hydration clean for my hair. 


But the real kicker for me was the conditioning mist.  It made my hair coarse and very dry!  Developed lots of tangles & knots in my hair.  I loathe that product for what it did to my hair. 


I'm playing it safe and staying away from all Tweak'd products now.


All hair is different and it may work for you.  But you may want to read the reviews for the last TSV.

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huge hair is not beautiful hair... the models had their hair so big it was odd looking and rather amusing.  

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I have one of his products that is meant as a deep conditioner and I think more like something from his original line.  I love this stuff and actually use it along with some oils as a finishing cream.  I was finally able to eliminate all silicones from my hair with this.  


However, not all of his products are silicone free.  I would like to try just the scalp scrub, which doesn't have silicones, and not the other products which have either silicones or other ingredients that I would like to stay away from.  Not sure I want to pay $40 for it though.  

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Sorry to hear the negative reviews because I absolutely love the 3 products from QVC's TSV.  I'm 69, my hair is medium thick, not colored, and worn in a long pixie cut.  My hair has always been pretty good, but of late I noticed it just didn't look right (hard to explain, kind of dull, coarse, aging).  Thought I'd give Tweak'd a try.


The cleansing mud (or paste) is wonderful;  use it 2-3 times a week and it cleans beautifully.  A good scalp cleansing is important, even more than the hair. Most conditioners are too heavy for me, but I l love the Tweak'd mist -- very light,  need very little.   And the volumizer, which I use more as a texturizer, is perfect (I don't spray it in, I spray it in my palms and piece it through my hair).  I like these products so much that I purchased the Restore cream, which I use as an overnight conditioner and shampoo the next morning.  Plus, the scents of everything are delicious, like a spa.  Really can't say enough about Tweak'd, like it even more than Ojon.  My hair has returned to being soft, shiny, healthier-looking.   I went on auto-delivery, don't want to be without.  


Why not give it a go, you can always return it. Who knows, you may find a new love.