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@Harpa wrote:

I'm a little late to this party, but I looked to see what she was offering on Q - all vitamins.


I picked up one of her books a while back, and thanks to her, I discovered a supplement that really does benefit me! She's done a lot of research!


I also like how she is a proponent of combination eating. I had gotten her tips from a magazine article. That has benefited me as well.


I hope I catch her tonight. I will be interested in what she has to say regarding supplements.



Years ago I used her combination eating and lost 20 pounds.  I also learned about good fats from her.  I know that not everything is for everybody, but I have had success with her books and her products and I will watch her too.

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Re: Suzanne Somers ???

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@Desi wrote:

Seems like this is it.

$55 for a 30 day supply of HS&N ? Not a deal at all.  Same thing with the others I looked at.  Plus no ingredients listed on what I looked at.  I'm more than happy with AL supplements !


ETA they do have the ingredients for the shakes. They're only $60 for 20 servings. Plus the cost of your own ingredients that you have to add. 😁

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@bopper wrote:

When she was on HSN she had a spray on foundation that was the "bomb" for me!   I haven't found another one like it.  It was fabulous!   


The Susan Lucci professional hair care was awesome for my hair, I wish she'd come back with that.


I'll tune in to Suzanne and see what she is bringing.

Agree with you on both the SS foundation and SL hair products!

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I am surprised that QVC is bringing in Suzanne Somers.  We will see if she succeeds.  

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If QVC can't resurrect her failing lines, no one can.  This will be interesting.

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@depglass wrote:

If QVC can't resurrect her failing lines, no one can.  This will be interesting.

LOL....these people just keep going from shopping channel to shopping chanel!  who's left? JTV?? she could start selling that over the top costume jewelry again....going on cruise ships and singing again.

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@Mary Bailey wrote:


@MW in Iowa wrote:

Update. I see her shakes and vitamins are on .com today. This is  the last thing i thought she would bring since QVC is so strict in what you can say about health related subjects.

I won't be buying or watching these products.

  I was hoping for cosmetics, clothes or jewelry.

I, too, was interested in those products.  I won't buy her vitamins, but I may watch a few minutes.  Who is she going to be paired with?

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@ellaphant wrote:

UGH. Can Not STand Her. PHONY.

And was disgraceful and irresponsible telling women what to do to prevent and treat breast cancer. 


I do not find her irresponsible.  I think she does her research and some of her advice is sound.  I don't take all the supplements she does, but I do not find her a quack.

"friends don't let friends drink white zinfandel"
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This is an easy pass for me. SS has been around the shopping channel blocks for so many years, it's not even funny. It will be interesting to see how long she will last here on the Q. She crosses the line on so many levels. 

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I've always like Suzanne. Hopefully her gig on the Q will be the Suzanne I watched on HSN. Only caught her once briefly on Evine - seemed kinda dull and 'not together', so didn't really watch too long.


Just checked and it appears the Q will only be selling her Choc and Vanilla shakes.  Disappointed 'cause used to really enjoy the orange flavor as it tasted like an Orange Julius. Maybe someday!


Don't know about her vitamins, but always found her products quite good; loved her books; and, also greatly enjoyed her cooking demos on HSN - always a fun time!