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Sunday Riley new to the Q......

Just saw this brand and products under the new arrivals. Has anyone tried this brand? I know it’s more pricey than most. Anyone care to share your review or opinions? 

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Re: Sunday Riley new to the Q......

I have not tried it. But it's all at Sephora with free (faster than Q) shipping.  And free returns at Sephora too.

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Re: Sunday Riley new to the Q......

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I have gotten some of her products in beauty boxes and they are perfectly fine (no miracles but no breakouts either). However, there was a recent scandal involving a memo sent to SR employees telling them to review SR products on websites like Sephora- even suggesting product attributes to point out. Personally, I lost respect for the founder hearing about that and I don't want to buy anything from them. There is a more recent scandal that SR has lied (or exaggerated if you prefer) about her education and background. I won't go into detail here but you can google it.

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Re: Sunday Riley new to the Q......

The ingredients are pretty cool in some of the products. But I would not trust any reviews or testimonials about them, since the company has been exposed as impersonating regular customers and writing fake reviews and testimonials--as company policy. They got caught in the act--with company-wide emails from the CEO demanding that everyone get busy posting on Sephora.


I bet you one of them will spot this thread and post a glowing testimonial--or a really tepid negative response that another person from Sunday Riley will then come in and debunk. It's incredibly bad and deceptive corporate behavior. And such a shame since, the ingredient decks are, like I said, intriguing.

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Re: Sunday Riley new to the Q......

I have received quite a few samples of her products in Beauty Boxes,etc.....I really like them and am looking forward to see ing her shows......

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Re: Sunday Riley new to the Q......

I was a huge fan and supporter of Sunday Riley when she first came out; her products were unique and when she brought out her cosmetics, she had shades that were for the very pale, the very dark and everyone in-between.Her glosses were excellent; everything was. However, there were some issues....


1) Her line was set up so you HAD to speak to a sales person in one of her stores. So, unless you had a relationship with someone who knew her line, you were kinda stuck. Her packaging did NOT have any instructions. Online descriptions were vague. Barneys was the ONLY store that carried her line in the beginning. I had a great SA at the Boston store so I found the line to be amazing and used it for a few years until....


2) Her products weren't being restocked. This was when I started seeing the OTHER side of the company. I spoke directly with Department and Product Managers at Barneys as well as the counter manager for the Sunday Riley line and ALL told me she was stopping production on cosmetics as well as the bulk of the skincare line. She had grown too big too fast. There were issues with allergic reactions. Returns were starting to be an issue (Barneys does not have a generous return policy). At this time, her line was now in other department stores. I was having to go from store to store to find her products. They were out of stock on most items as well.


I told one of my SIL's about this issue (she had begun to use the line, which was NOT cheap) and she posted this situation on 2 forums; Makeup Alley as well as a well known beauty blogger site. HOLY MOLY DID SHE GET ATTACKED. It was ugly and crazy and disturbing. There were posters who were posting the same rude and horrible comments on both sites and dragging her through the mud on other posts she made as well. I personally know the beauty blogger and contacted her privately; she confirmed that she had been told the same thing by her SA at Barney's in California. Scary thing, she was contacted by Sunday Riley's PR and told to pull the article on her blog and comments else, she would face legal action. She did because she wasn't sure what was going on.


A few months later, the products were gone from all the counters save a few items and Sunday Riley PR said everything was coming back just new and improved. That did not happen and well, they lied about that as well.


3) Fast forward and the discovery that employees of Sunday Riley were told by her to write fake reviews on multiple sites regarding the products. To add insult to injury, when Sunday Riley was contacted and asked for a comment, she did NOT apologize but essentially said it was the norm in the industry and for people to get over it.


I will NOT give this person a penny of my money due to her attitude and her dishonest  tactics. Disgusting. 

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Re: Sunday Riley new to the Q......


Wow!  Thanks for that insight.  I will certainly not try her products with that type of dishonest business practice.

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