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Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

I don't know where "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" is sold now, after bouncing around numerous Home Shopping Channels, but I'm getting numerous "pop-up ads" for SSC, esp selling, that "Instatox-A" is an award winning, uber popular product.  Their very, very initial "A product" was FANTASTIC, but initially, it was presented under pressure, in a can, and the container didnt work well.  But was soo great!  .. bummer!!!


I use SSC Vitamin C pads, (my preferred form of Vit C, currently). esp since Dr. Denese doesnt seem to offer her wonderful Vit C pads much anymore.


Anybody still using SSC?  If so, what items?  Why do you like them?  TIA!!

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

Jennifer has her own website.


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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

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Serious Skincare is sold directly from their own website and some items are on Amazon. I don't use anything from them. 

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

I used to like several SSC items, but they kept changing them and uppiing the price.  There was one that I can no longer remember the name that I really liked until they "made it better" and upped the price.  I still have a small bottle of their Olive Oil Omega-3 oil that I LOVE and use it especially when we go out West on our ski trips where it's so dry.  I think they got rid of the entire Olive Oil line before they left HSN, but for sure that product was gone, so no chance of me getting any more that would be fresh.  I've never found an oil that has the same feel.  

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

No longer, but don't think I was still using it when they were on HSN.

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

@TwinkleBell  - I also use their Vit C pads.  I love them and will never be without.  This is the only product from the line I use.  I order directly from the SSC website.  

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

I miss SSC on HSN. Jennifer and Leesa and her daughter were so fun to watch and they had such good deals. I still like their firm-a-face and insta-tox and the firma-eye products.  I can usually find them on Ebay at a better price.

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

I am using their pads because they are a nice big size compared to most other pads and easier to hold on to.  I also use their eye cream and their hand cream. If I need anything I just go to Amazon or to their website. 

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

I use it occassionally.  I love the Rulinea products, the glycolic products, the A Defiance Primer and the Insta-tox.  I have ordered from their website or Amazon.  One of the best products they made was Ice Age, but they discontinued it.

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Re: Still any "Serious Skin Care (SSC)" users?

I always loved their Glycolic Renewal Gel, one of their original products. It was great for an occasional blemish. 

Also liked their Bella Rosa Mineral Powder Foundation.