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Those of you who use stick foundation, what do use to apply and blend it? TIA

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Usually I use my fingers to blend it into ruddy or blotchy areas and then let the rest of my face go without. On days when I look blotchy, I dust mineral powder over all of it (over my sunscreen.)



Oh! Also, sometimes I use compact powder foundation to “set” it instead of loose.

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Used one of those white spongy wedges.

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I have the Tarte foundation skin and I’ve found that, for me, blending with my fingers works the best. A beauty blender doesn’t do much and a brush makes it streaky. I always make sure to wash my hands before putting on my makeup.
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Re: Stick foundation

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I buy the flat round small sponges, rinse it with warm water and squeeze out real good so just damp. I can’t imagine using my fingers.


I buy the max factor stick make up online, it has disappeared from the shelves. Wish they would bring it back

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I use a Tarte full coverage foundation brush from a previous purchase. I like the shape of the bristles as well as how compact the brushes.

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I use a flat top brush to buff it on my skin. Otherwise I  use my fingers. 

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Has anyone ever tried an Artis brush (or another paddle type brush) to apply stick foundation?

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Usually my fingers. I apply only to the center of my face. If I'm going out for something special, I'll use a small, dense synthetic brusn.

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@Texasmouse wrote:

Has anyone ever tried an Artis brush (or another paddle type brush) to apply stick foundation?

I've used a Caitlan brush, another Artis dupe @Texasmouse and have been very pleased. The finish is truly flawless and looks airbrushed. I have KB, Tarte and BB stick foundations.I've used a beauty blender sponge too but really appreciate how very fast and seamlessly the foundation applies.