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We understand how much you value this space as a place to make meaningful connections and share what’s on your mind. So, as we continue to build out our community experience—both onsite and on other platforms—we’re keeping our Blogs & Forums live. We also invite you to visit the We #loveQVC Facebook group here to experience the wonderful and engaging community our team has begun to build there as well. Now, stay tuned. We will be reaching out through our Blogs & Forums to learn how we can continue to grow, shape, and evolve the future of our communities at QVC with you. Get started now

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I'm happy!! Thank you QVC!


happy dance - Copy.gif

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Yay!  Thanks for posting. Was this on the homepage?

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Thank you QVC!

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There is a bannner on the top of the Home Page of the Forum. 

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@CANDLEQUEEN, Yes it is. Woman Happy

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Very happy about this good news!

Grazie, QVC!

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Thank you QVCHeart

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Much appreciated!

Autumn thank you sign with color maple leaves.

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BIG smile and THANKS!

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