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Does anyone know why the Honey Lilac Replenishing Treatment Mist is sold out? My waitlist order for the duo was cancelled today. It seems strange that the spring scents in the mist are done for the season. I went on waitlist March 25. 

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Waitlist cancels after 45 days. The spring scents are gone the end of this month and summer scents begin in June. Therefore, I think your best bet is to order the replenishing mist right from Chaz' website. 

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First, let me express my sympathy, @wanusdaughter.

SHL RTM is my preferred spring choice too. I see they're still available from Chaz's website, if you can do those prices.


If you're out of RTM and can't wait for QVC to offer the Summer choices next month, I'd suggest you try the Spring Gardenia Green Tea RTM,  on halfprice sale right now from Chaz.

Even if you don't 'love' the gardenia, it's better than being caught without any Wen RTM for the next 3 weeks.

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Wow! I went to the website. $40 for 6oz of the mist. Oh well. I gess I'll wait for the summer honey peach to arrive on QVC. I still don't understand how they ran out of the spring mist so quickly. Early bird and all that I guess. Blessings and thank you for the help. 

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I just purchases a gal of SHL cc and RTM from Chaz's site.


Can't wait!

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I feel your pain @wanusdaughter. I love the SHL, all the products work so well for me and the so fresh. I've been wearing the edp for weeks now. It would be nice to see QVC restock their rtm inventory before flipping over to the summer products.


Have you checked eBay?  I've purchased sealed 6 oz bottles of rtm in the past. Paid  15.00 ish with free shipping too.