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I was wondering if anyone had this, item number V32389? I have a lot of makeup and realize it wouldn't hold it all but was wondering how many items you can put in it. I would put the things I use most often or rotate them out. Also do you like to leave it out on your bathroom counter or put it away in a cabinet?

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Re: Spinning Organizer Carousel

I LOVE this and just ordered a second one. The one I have already is used for my makeup and day creams. Everything that I use daily is in it and it makes putting on my makeup a breeze! I have it on my desk which is where I apply my makeup. Just note that the bottom tier doesn't hold tall objects.

The second one will be for my night stand by my bed for my vitamins, pills, eyeglass holder and nighttime creams, everything that I use/take at night.

It is a GREAT invention and I can see using it all over the house for storage and organizing many items. It is sturdy and well made. HTH!

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Re: Spinning Organizer Carousel

Is the the tall spin around that Lori Gr. has out a few years ago? I bought 2 from the QVC Outlet a while ago and wish I had gotten 2 more!!! I have had to customize to get certain things like mascaras and pencils to stand "at attention" so I could close the door without them falling out. Lipsticks go in upside down without their lids so there's no wasted motion uncapping and recapping. Temporary upright partitions on the bottom accommodate my seasonal creams, etc. I fill smaller containers with creams from the large tubes. Spares go into the back section of the spin around so I know when I need to replace products. I also keep a little chart taped to the back wall of the section I use daily that tells me when I started to use each product. Helps to keep things current and fresh. Wish LG would reintroduce this neat spin around if it's not the one you originally described.
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Re: Spinning Organizer Carousel

I just bought one from BJ's...exact same thing...$14.99

If you have a BJ's. check it out, it was in with the seasonal things in the middle isles

I have it under my bathroom sink holding small Listerine bottle, face scrubs, perfumes, just misc things

it does rotate as one unit, you cannot rotate just the top or bottom

I wish it was a bit larger, especially the bottom layer, but I have played with it & got all I wanted in there