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Whenever I get my hair done, I always lug my bottles of WEN with me (Cleansing Conditioner, Replenishing spray and Styling Creme, as well as the Mask). However, because my stylist and my colorist don't speak English, it is a little hard translating the instructions. When I was talking ot the good folks at Chaz Dean's studio, I was having to translate the instructions to my colorist as we went along.

I am giving them one of the WEN Cleansing Conditioners for Christmas. However, the DVD is only in English. I wonder if WEN (and any of the other QVC vendors) would consider offering Spanish-language instructions for their products. BE, for one, tends to do something in English and French. However, it seems to me as though WEN and the QVC vendors are missing a golden opportunity to tap into a market that is ready to buy their products, but, needs instructional formats in a language that these consumers will understand.

Now that QVC has branched out all over Europe (Italy, UK and Germany), it might not be a bad idea to ask their vendors to make their instructional and promotional materials in languages other than English and French.