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I agree with the OP.   I thought the models and host looked awful in those new colors this  morning.

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WEll, I think Leah looks good in it but she looks good in most everything!

And the redhead looks good too. Interesting how it seems to change according to each person's chemistry.

And then there is the model who purses her lips and looks like she is about to demonstarte kissing. I wonder if someone told her to do it and no one told her to stop!


I agree with most. For me I like a light pink gloss. Mattes or nudes would make me look sick.I like some people in red and wish I could wear it but everytime I've tried it on I definitely look like a clown🤡


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Re: Sorry Doris...

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I was sitting there watching the presentation on AM Style earlier ... thinking "gee, that's not very attractive on those women."  It looked like the pale pink icing from a Dunkin Donuts donut stuck to their mouths.


My idea of nude is the same color as my lips ... but what's the point of wearing lipstick if it's the same color as your lips?  


(I'm fair skinned, but my lips are naturally a raspberry color ... so I wear something just a bit darker ... I get my lipsticks from Avon.)


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@pegomyheart wrote:

I think you are very sweet,  but your Nude lip collection does not do anyone a favor. Those bland dull colors are NOT flattering, and make the models look like they have been embalmed.  We need a  brighter color on our lips to make the face look alive.  Especially we seniors.

@pegomyheart .... there are sooooooo many lipsticks offered by QVC all you have to do is choose another brand that is offering what you are looking for  💋💄👄

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One cannot generalize about what looks good for everyone.   I love Doris' Nude Lippies since they are not all flat nudes.  She has enough combinations of mauvy nudes,  peachy nudes, pinky nudes to suit many.    I look like  a clown with bright colored lipsticks.  Others don't.   So I will keep buying Doris' product and you can find a different brand.

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I'm a senior and fair.  I think the nudes make me look washed-out and awful.  I bought one of Doris's lip sets and returned it.

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@ncascade wrote:

I am a senior and do not care for bright lip colors esp: red. I look much better in the lighter to nude colors. I have very fair skin.


Same for me. I have never looked good in brighter or darker lipstick, way too harsh for my coloring. I have a pale complexion and thin lips that seem to be thinning even more as I age. I'll stick with the lighter, nude colors.
I'm definitely not trying to call attention to my thin lips, that with a darker lipstick, gives me a Charlie Brown grimace.



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Re: Sorry Doris...

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lab kissy nose.jpg


Not my color here, but love the photo.


I like her nudes, but then they tend to turn a bit darker on me, and that makes them just right.

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@pegomyheart,   I agree with you that most nudes do not look good on Senior women.  I own a few nudes but they do nothing for the complextion.  When I wear a little color it brings out the color of my eyes and I do look 100% better.  

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I avoid true nudes and very bright or dark shades. I use pinks, roses, and berries most often.

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