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Re: Some really good make-up tips......Enjoy ❤️🙋🏻

@judaline wrote:

I don't follow her but has she ever said where she got that hairband?? I want one.

Yes, the hairband is from Ulta 

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Peggy Make-up Headband



There is a link given under brushes/tools used.

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Re: Some really good make-up tips......Enjoy ❤️🙋🏻

I posted the video in hopes it would be fun to watch. Something positive for the Beauty Forum. Emily Noel was having fun trying all the different “Beauty Hacks” that viewers sent in to her. I don’t think she meant that all would be good for everyone. Have a nice day....☀️😎💐
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Re: Some really good make-up tips......Enjoy ❤️🙋🏻

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It WAS fun to watch, thoroughly enjoyed her, good sense of humor and she can apply makeup beautifully.


I have used the tip of highlighter first, learned that on a Chanel beauty video and it does work very well, sort of morphs into blush better and looks like the light is more natural.


One thing for any age that was a bit iffy was the lid primer used under the eye.  Skin there needs hydration and every eye primer I've used is drying, some worse, some better.  I use Nars now on my upper lid and it is fine, but others are so drying my skin peels off from using them.


The mascara in the bra tip is good too; I have done that under my arm or my posterior as I sit at a vanity to apply.  It warms the mascara and it is so much easier to apply; might work with eyeliner pencils as well.


Anyway, thanks for posting this; I didn't mean to be mean....!  Cat Embarassed