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Re: Some Sephora Goodies Arrived Today

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This goodie wasn't from Sephora but I'm really liking it.  It's Deja Brew CP 9-pan palette. I used Sweet Foam as my main color and the top middle shade on top (not too much) and inner corner.  Very simple and quick which is what I needed to get out the door at 9:30AM Smiley Surprised  What am I even doing up at that time, much less promising someone to have my dog to them by 10?  I asked my husband yesterday when I got off the phone making the dog groomer appt, "Did I just tell someone I'd be at their shop at 10AM?" Smiley Surprised  He said, "I wondered how long it would take you to figure out what you did"  But dog and I are both "groomed" and that's two "to do" items off my list.

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@monicakm   You just gave me the best laugh....   I was in the office by 6AM this morning.  I come in once a week and always around this time,  with an 18 min commute.  Showered, make up, took the doggie out and in the office. 

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Re: Some Sephora Goodies Arrived Today

My Sephora products arrived. The NARS radiant creamy concealer is great!  I'll be ditching the IT Bye Bye Undereye because the NARS is so much better. It applies smoothly and brightens my dark circles. 


I also like Sephora Collection Weekend Warrior tone up cream. They didn't have the tinted moisturizer in my shade, so I tried the cream instead. (I still have some tinted moisturizer left, so I can alternate between the two.) Light with rosy undertones. I wanted neutral undertones, but they were sold out. I wasn't sure how the rose would look, but it's good. Sheer coverage with a hint of color. I wore it with Iconic London Glow setting spray to add a bit of highlight. 


That's all I bought during the sale. I won't be purchasing from Sephora for awhile since I'm using up several items first. 



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