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Re: Solution for brassy hair?

Thanks for the info. I used it this afternoon and while I don’t see a dramatic change, I will use it a couple of more times. I usually don’t shampoo except every other day anyway...but when it hits triple digits, which we are already close to...I have to shampoo daily. I will follow your advice!
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Re: Solution for brassy hair?

Agree with everyone about using a ash blond. I have learned over my many years of coloring my hair, it must be a ash blond. Otherwise, it becomes brassy after a few weeks and gets worse now, living in Florida, from the sun.


Tell your hairdresser. She cannot be very good if she doesn't know to use ash blond on anyone who had red undertones. Don't mean to be critical, but I learned this from a hairdresser many, many years ago.


Anytime I use a new hairdresser, I always tell them I need an ash blond because I have a lot of red in my hair.