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So what is on your list for the nest big % off sale (if they have on that is lol)

As much as I would love to place a gigantic order especially with all of the new products-I am sticking to my guns and only ordering what I need but I still have a list of course lol.

I definitely need to stock up on amazing grace hair conditioner! I am so glad I ordered this during the holidays because I have never found a conditoner like it and believe me-I have tried them all and spent alot searching! It is the perfect condtioner,untangles my hair, a little goes a long way, leaves it silky and shiny yet does not leave my hair weighed down and is not greasy! How is it possible that this product can both deep condition my chemically straightened hair and leave it full at the same time? lol. I just wish the scent lingered because my only issue is that after using both the shampoo and the conditoner the scent does not linger or even leave me with that fresh clean smelling hair scent. Even the cheap drug store brands leave a scent but do not do the job so I just stick with amazing grace conditioner and then spritz my hair like crazy with the eau de parfum! lol.

Anyway-back to my list! I would like to order a bunch of the hair conditoners, hope in a tube oil free spf 30 (BEST sunscreen/daytime moistrizer ever!) and I would like at least 2 more vanilla ice cream shower gels since I only ordered one and so far that one is the most superior as a shampoo! Coconut chocolate chip was my #1 but now vanilla bean took it's place making coconut chocolate chip #2 lol. I wish I could order more but this is all I "need" and truthfully my little extra to myself is the frech vanilla ice cream shower gel because god knows I have enough for the next 2 years! lol. I just love it so much as a shampoo and I consider this to be a very inexpensive shampoo considering price/amount and the amazing quality you get compared to even drug store brands.

I wish I could try the new redness relief products and order some more hope 3-6-9 replenishing oil but just cannot justify buying those since I already have 6 bottles of different un-opened moisturizers and 5 opened lol. So now it is your turn ladies and please tell me your list! What are you all waiting to buy,try or stock up on? Oh and btw-20% is not going to cut it for me this time around, I would need a 30% to make me order! lol