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So I tried the "CONTROVERSIAL" make up today

Today I decided to change my make up and try the "pin-up" look that got a poster roasted yesterday. I wore: eyes--neutral shadow and aubergine liner winged out and mascara. Face--simple power and discreet blush. Lips--bright cherry red. Then I put on a black pencil skirt, white button down shirt, red peep toe wedges and a strand of pearls. My day included: shopping, lunch with a friend, taking a kid to the dentist and the gym. I can report the following:

No man mistook me for a streetwalker.

Mothers did not shield their babies eyes for fear I would mark them.

I was not given the side eye by people on the street.

My dentist did not say it was too much. This is a man I've known for over 25 years. I specifically asked him if he thought the make up was inappropriate for an office. He said not at all.

So I don't know what all the hoo ha was about. IT'S JUST MAKE UP.