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So, I started Dr. Junger's 'Clean' program today.

So they sent a sample kit to the magazine where I work and no one else took the bait, so here I am. Day 1 of a 21 day program.

I had read quite a bit about Clean and it seems like a Whole-Food's version of the old Slim Fast Diet (shake for bfast, shake for dinner, real meal at lunch) but with lots of supplements and a somewhat restricted list of approved 'real' foods. What is good is that you can eat that real meal and snacking also okay (again, only approved foods but it does include things like some fruits, nuts, hummus, etc).

Today, I had to face the sunrise sans my cherished cup of coffee. I have had just one shake and a handful of supplements, and, let's just say something is working, and it's coming on fast.

I have done weekend cleanses in order to break my addictions to sugar and they have always worked (at least for awhile) but this is three weeks.

I will report back!

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