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Skinny Tees on Super Saturday

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How are these tanks/tees?  I think they are offering 4 for $58


Also have Josie Maran finishing powder, might try that too.

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Re: Skinny Tees on Super Saturday

I love Skinny Tees. I started wearing them about a year ago.  I think you either love or hate these.  To me, they give me a little confidence and I like the look too.  I only wear mine as a layer, never alone.  Good price. 

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Re: Skinny Tees on Super Saturday

When is Super Saturday?  And what is it?  Never heard of it before. Sounds good tho!  As for the Skinny Tees. I had wanted them for awhile & finallly decieded to get a set. Got the black & white. I read one review that said they were really more for skinny or slim people. I thought, well I'm kind of top heavy but wanted to try them. OMG I wish I had sent them back!  I agree I think they are for skinny or really slim ladies. I look horrible in them! I kept them to long before wearing them so to late to send them back. I guess I might wear them under something this winter for warmth or maybe to bed but never out where you could see them!  I just look hideous in them!!  Worse $40. I have ever spent! 

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Re: Skinny Tees on Super Saturday

Skinny tees are great.  Not sure I'd need 4 of them -- I have 2 now and that is enough.  Unless you are super skinny, consider them a layering piece; I wear them as a cami under shear blouses.  

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Re: Skinny Tees on Super Saturday

Hi Lmb- nobody is SUPPOSED to see them! They're ONLY for layering. They're also available in plus sizes, and they look really nice under soft sweaters or blazers or even semi opaque fabrics or cotton T-s.
Give yours a try under some nice top where you need just a little support- you may be surprised!
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Re: Skinny Tees on Super Saturday

LOVE skinny tees!!