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I can't speak for the Skinn line, but there are very poor reviews for Mario Badescu on  Some of the products contain irritating ingredients.  Also, jar packaging is a no no.


Strengths:   Inexpensive; the company includes complete ingredient lists on their website (though many of the ingredient lists don't follow FDA labeling requirements); most of the products are fragrance-free; a few good cleansing options.

Weaknesses:  Repetitive, lackluster moisturizer formulas; terrible products for acne; the daytime moisturizers cannot be relied on for sun protection; poorly formulated exfoliants and scrubs; mostly irritating masks; boring toners; several moisturizers contain irritating ingredients.

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I like that Skinn is switching all their creams to the pump-jar packaging , I wish all companies would get rid of the twist off cap packaging.

take Beautypedia with several grains of salt. Paula B rates her products the best. MB day time creams are not sold as sunscreen. so that slam is not relevent.

also having the most sensitive skin on the planet, none of these products ever hurt me. Maybe not the most cutting edge but I find I cannot use high peptide, aggressive anti aging products for more than 3 days before my skin calls a time out.

good luck with whatever you choose. 

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I have only had experience with Skinn and love his line of products. There is quite a bit to choose from which can get a little confusing. The best way to try his products is during one of his presentations. Then you can watch the demonstrations and listen to his explanations. The man has tremenous knowledge in the this field.

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I have the blue Collegenis jars. I’m horrible at remembering names. I also use Collegenis serum. I have been very pleased with Skinn

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I started using Skinn a few years ago and my skin has never looked better- I turn 60 this year..Highly recommend!