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I just received this in an email. I am not sure if it old news or not.

Incredible Eyes

Crease Releaseâ„¢ with Omega Plus Complex (1.2oz) BONUS SIZE!
EnergEyesâ„¢ Firming Eye Mask w/ Mango (1.3oz) BONUS SIZE!
Reorganize Night Eye Balm (0.35oz)
Bright Eyes - Eye Enhancing Treatment
Under Eye Decrinkler
Luxe Premier Eyeshadows: The Romantics NEW
Smudge Sticks: Sultry Slate NEW, Royal Indigo NEW, Golden Plum NEW

Plus, you will discover our BRAND NEW Under Eye Decrinkler to
instantly smooth and remove under eye fine lines, even those stubborn
criss-cross lines. It also doubles as a lid lift treatment to allow smooth
application of your eyeshadow! To round things out in typical Skinn style
we also give you our new shades of Luxe Premier Eyeshadows
in The Romantics and three new shades of Smudge Sticks
in Sultry Slate, Royal Indigo and Golden Plum.

Our Incredible Eyes Today's Top Value is sure to please all so
don’t hesitate to pick up your Incredible Eyes set early so
you can guarantee that your eyes will look their very best!

Saturday, October 8