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Re: Skinn News

Thanks for the heads up that the DWP will be a TS, and it will be "new & improved."  Wondering what he will "tweak" it with...add in...take something out?


I almost bought last weekend when everything was on sale.  Now I am glad I talked myself out of it.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Skinn News

Great to see the DWP body butter back! Needs more of a discount, though. $29 was the perfect sale price at Evine. They need to match that. Can even add on the $6 shipping Evine charges. So at $35 I'd happily get more of this body butter and put it on autodelivery.

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Re: Skinn News

Just to clarify, Dimitri did not say that the DWP would be the TS, he separately said that he will have a TS, then said later, he is bringing back the DWP.