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Thank you @sueinsf  I wonder if the new items that I saw/disappeared were intended for the next Skinn TS on August 4.


Will miss the 2 early Skinn shows today, hoping to watch the end of day show. Maybe D will give us a hint for the August TS

@Chi-town girl It would not surprise me if the duo was the TS, since I remember they offered the Manuka Honey oil as a duo as a TS a couple of years ago.  But who knows!  I do think they will be pushing the Ayurvedic products (possible more to come), especially since they are doing so on the Skinn website right now.



@sueinsf  - good to know - thank you! Please keep us posted

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I just picked up Skinn Neck Amour on sale -- $24.84 for 4oz and I had a $5 coupon so only $19.84 with free shipping. I missed the 6oz size when it was on sale but I think this is actually a better price with the coupon.