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Re: Skinn Cosmetics - May Shows/Specials + 20% off thru 5/12

I, too, would love to hear how everyone likes the Manuka Honey oil..I missed it..

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Re: Skinn Cosmetics - May Shows/Specials + 20% off thru 5/12

@FlGator wrote:

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@FlGator  -  I watched portions of the shows and saw the presentation of the oil. I think it 'replaces' the Lipid oil (love it) he used to offer. The new oil looks interesting and I will try it when it is restocked. Hoping customers will post reviews here!  I used my coupon for a fashion purchase.

@Chi-town girl I don't usually buy fashion since its hard to find petite. Tried a few in the past & it was just not a good fit. Didn't need more body products but its hard to resist when they offer coupons(hard to comeby since the Q), the product is on sale & free s&hWoman Wink 


Looks like D is revamping his line. It definetly needed that, was way out of control at Evine. There is a lot more competition here. If its quality over quantity, its a win-win for us.


I bought the AA stem cell elixir, reSurface & the Isomers ferulic 15%. I use the stem & resurface in the AM & the ferulic & stem at night. The combos seems to be working well for me although I didn't see a change with just the reSurface & will not reorder that one. I think I'm slowly buying into Morgan's spiel lately...Woman Tongue not sold on oils yet but she has some good serums. Nice catching up with you....Heart

@FlGator  - I also love/use some Isomers and AA products and open to trying new products and brands. I use the weekends to switch up and to try new.


No worries or concerns for me regarding the changes where vendors sell or discontinued products and not wasting my time complaining about any of it - hosts, programs etc. Although that puts me in a minority position on this board since that is what is posted over and over and over Woman Tongue This place used to be a great source of knowledge,  inspiration and fun shopping...not so much anymore Woman Tongue 


It was nice to catch up with you too! Hoping for some good June beauty deals/temptations Heart