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@sandylu   I did not buy his products on Shop HQ so am not one of those who have moved on, but, I am currenlty using a couple of his Pep 40 products in the evening and I use M Asam in the morning.  I've been using M Asam products for years and like them although he too has been upping the price.  He doesn't do kits, but often has super sizes although I usually don't go for those unless they are in a vacuum pump.  Both of my moisturizers I add to or "cocktail" as Dimitry likes to say.  The evening product I add a tiny amount of Jojoba to and my morning M Asam moisturizer I have added a product called EGF from Skin Actives meant to help with collagen production.


I, too, was interested in what people had moved on to considering the high praise he used to get before he came to HSN.

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I used to purchase a DWP kit every single time he had one, sometimes multiple at the old channel.  His products are still my favorite, but I've had to move on to try other things because of the drastic price change.  He probably doesn't offer value kits at his site because he is likely under contract for what he can or can't do.  I understand trying to retarget products to fit certain demographics, but the change was just too much at once.  Right now, I'm using a hodge podge of serums from amazon and a couple of Boots products.  The serums aren't bad, but the Boots products can't hold a candle to my Skinn favorites.  I miss it so much!

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His shows on Shopnbc were so much more interesting and fun. When he switched over to HSN "BEFORE COVID",  He was on much less....and had no great kits.  I moved on.  Sad as I use to buy a lot from him.

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He has quite a bit less air time on HSN, almost like he is now semi retired, maybe that was what he wanted. 

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I haven't moved on but I'm not purchasing any new products either. What I am doing is using all those products that I had previously received in kits and put aside because they weren't my non-negotiables. They are now.



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I'm definitely buying less Skinn with the price increases and usually only when there are deals and coupons, but I still had a bit in my stash to use up.  I do try some other brands and products as well - have tried M. Asam, Clinique, IT, so I can find other things to use when I need to.

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@Shelbelle wrote:

He has quite a bit less air time on HSN, almost like he is now semi retired, maybe that was what he wanted. 

Dimitri has expanded his sales in 15 countries and he travels globally quite extensively.

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I haven't seen Dimitri or bought anything since his move to HSN. I wonder how happy he is there? When he was with ShopHQ, he was on all the time, and for three hours at a time. I don't think HSN has him on that much, I wonder if sales are down since the move?

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I have wondered if his sales are down too. Prob not since many didnt buy when he was on the other network. I do wonder if he is happy on hsn, plus he is not on very often.


I have found some other skin care lines that are far more affordable for me so moving on.


I do like his products and if things ever change to the better I might go back, but i doubt they will.

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I've moved on to other brands, but they are generally more expensive. Isomers, NeoGenesis, Le Mieux, and a few higher priced Asian brands. Still love my CeraVe foaming cleanser, which is very reasonably priced. Skinn provided a good value a while back. I'm sad to hear that's changed for people. I wish HSN would treat the brand better.

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